Wireless Digital Meat Therm... $56.00
Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer ProbeIt uses microelectronic precision manufacturing technology,The temperature measurement data of the probe is wirelessly transmitted to the smart phone, which eliminates the thick and long high-temperature connection cable of the traditional barbecue thermometer, which is very convenient for users to use. Especially suitable for closed electric ovens and grills, and will replace traditional grill thermometers. Functional characteristics■ Stainless steel tube structure, can detect food temperature and oven temperature at the same time■ Three grilling modes for recipe / timing / target temperature■ APP can set 9 types of food and 4 levels of ripeness■ Can insert 4 Bluetooth barbecue probes, four channels work in parallel■ 5 minutes fast charging, 4 hours battery life■ Support Bluetooth BLE4.0 to communicate with mobile phones■ Compatible with Android 8.0 and iOS operating systems
3D Titanic Building Block S... from $35.00
【Educational Value】This Titanic Micro Mini Blocks Ship Set can training 14 years+ kid's coordination of the body through practicing of assembling the bricks . These building blocks providing more creative and exploratory play fun. Because of the huge project, it is suitable for families to assemble together, while promoting the communication among family members. 【Best Gift for Children】The Titanic building kit is a perfect gift for birthday parties, Christmas, holidays, etc.It is perfect gift for both adults and ages 14 years up children. After assembling a fine building model, it is also a super great home decoration ornament. Collect, Build and Display World Famous Craft in your home, Wonderful 3D art.
Automatic Dog Ball Launcher $89.00
Design for Fun: All For Paws Interactive Ball Launcher is an automatic fetching machine that can be used by dog and owner or just the dog. Launch Distance Adjustable: The mini ball launcher can launch the ball 10, 20 or 30 feet, which can easily be changed with the push of a button. 3 Tennis Balls Included: Please ONLY use our All for Paw 2 inch tennis balls to avoid function disability, other brand tennis balls are not compatible. And always keep the ball clean and dry. ADVICE OF USE: Always supervise your dog while playing. Some toys may be inappropriate for your dog. Remove and replace the toy if it becomes damaged.
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